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Submission Process and Guidelines for Hydra

Hydra invites queries for submissions in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. There is no strict word count limit for submissions.  We are interested in short content (customarily between 15,000 and 30,000 words) and full-length works (customarily between 40,000 and 60,000 words).

You may present any manuscript in which you control exclusive copyright.  We are open to previously-published manuscripts as long as the submitting author now controls all electronic and print publishing rights.

Please submit the entire query by clicking this link. If we are interested in considering your full manuscript, you will be contacted with further submission instructions.  We make every effort to respond to submission inquiries within 2-4 weeks after submission of the submission query form; please do not resubmit previously submitted queries, as this may create delays.

If you haven’t received an answer 6 weeks after submitting, please reach out directly to

Thank you for your interest in Random House!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Hydra?

A: Hydra is our digital only imprint focused on science fiction, fantasy, and horror titles.

Q: Why digital?

A: eBooks are the fastest growing area of book sales. Tablet ownership is on the incline. More consumers are reading eBooks than ever before.  We’re looking to the future and seeking to partner with the most forward-thinking names in the next generation of authors and introduce them to an avid new audience of digital readers.

Q: What is in it for authors?

A: The RHPG digital publishing program speaks directly to those questing, devoted readers that talented new writers most want to reach.  Breaking past conventional boundaries, it will give new authors the opportunity to showcase the best of what these genres have to offer: works that are challenging, thrilling, and thought provoking. For the first time in history, authors will be able to forge wide-reaching and long-lasting relationships with their audiences, and we at Random House can’t wait to explore and create new opportunities in the digital space. The possibilities are endless, and we’re excited to offer authors the best opportunities to take advantage of this growing marketplace.

Q: What is in it for readers?

A: Readers will find what they’re most hungry for: the cutting edge of fantastic fiction and the discovery of new authors who push the envelope creatively. We are committed to building a varied, bold, and rich group of authors who are poised to be rising stars in the marketplace. We’re looking to the future, and our digital authors are it!

Q: Why become a Hydra author?

A: Under our digital program, authors will have a complete and unique publishing package. Every book will be assigned to an accomplished Random House editor and a dedicated publicist. They will also have the invaluable support of Random House’s experienced marketing and digital sales teams, who know how to reach out to and expand each book’s dedicated readership. Not only will authors benefit from working with the finest cover designers to ensure irresistibly eye-catching books, but they will also be offered the unique advantage of social media tools and training that will allow them to connect directly with their readers. To reach the widest possible readership, every title will be available for purchase at major e-retailers and will be compatible with all reading devices.

Q: What is the difference between our profit sharing and advance plus royalty models?

A: Under the profit share model, there is no advance offered. Hydra and the author will split profits 50-50 from the first copy sold. The term “profit” will be defined as net sales revenue minus deductions as follows: For print editions, deductions will include actual costs directly attributable to production and shipping of the book; for digital editions, Hydra will cover the cost of production. For both print and digital editions, Hydra will cover all marketing costs connected with general, category- or imprint-wide marketing programs. Hydra will also cover costs of marketing activities undertaken specifically on behalf of the book up to $10,000. Title-specific marketing costs above $10,000 will be proposed in advance to the author. If the author agrees, the incremental costs of such title-specific marketing activities over $10,000 will be deducted from sales revenue before profits are split. Cash payments owed to authors will be made quarterly.

Under the advance plus royalty model, authors are offered a more traditional publishing arrangement, with Random House’s standard eBook royalty of 25 percent of net receipts. These authors will be paid an agreed-upon advance against royalties, and Hydra will cover production, shipping, and marketing for all formats at 100 percent of cost.

Q: How do I submit my manuscript?

A: Hydra invites queries for submissions in science fiction, fantasy, and horror titles.  For more information about the submission process visit our submission page by clicking on this link.

Q: I am a book reviewer. How do I get review copies of Hydra titles or request an interview with the author?

A: Hydra has partnered with NetGalley to distribute review copies to professional reviewers, booksellers, and librarians. Registration is free and easy, and you can request review titles in the Hydra NetGalley catalog. Please note that Hydra will approve requests on a case-by-case basis.

If your request is approved, you’ll have the option of having a secure file delivered to your Kindle, or you’ll be able to download a secure epub file that will work with your device of choice—read NetGalley’s helpful FAQ for more details on how to download.

To schedule an author interview or to learn more about getting involved in author chats, blog hops and tours, please contact Hydra publicist April Flores at

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